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I got alot of things to say....

but I duno what to say....

How I wish I can be like Da Lang... choose to 4get part of the memories...

I feel hopeless... tired... very tired... i want to sleep now... nightz...

ALL YOU KNOW IS.................

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All you know is that I pissed you off... FYI, i dun even know what had I done to pissed you off!! My mood already sucks when got in that bloody traffic jam.. see you and you giv me tat face.. talk to you, you relevantly entertain me.. okie.. fine.. it's my fault that there's a traffic jam.. give me instruction as if I own you 15 millions.. FYI, i did not buy any toto, so i did not win any money... so there's no 15 millions to b owned..... I try to concentrate on driving, so nv talk... tell you dun give me sucky tone when giving me instruction, and u give me lame excuses "becos you nv listen to me and dun respond".... FYI... that's lame... told you tat you can dun respond me when u r driving, i can't.. then u tell me that next time both of us driving dun talk.... okie.. FINE..

I already had ENOUGH of all this... ALL YOU KNOW IS TO GIVE ME A F-UP FACE... ENOUGH is ENOUGH....


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tea+my hand

nice bo?

Me and my bao bei bei...

our breakfast at imm!!! nice!!!

My sleeping Beauty.... and I'm his beast.. *roar*

Sushi at clementi!

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i 4get i got a blog.... haha...

but not much things to update.. life as usual.. work.. work .. work...

7 Oct 2009

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I can squeeze in!!!!! haha....



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When I get Bored at Work.... haha...

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Yesterday I made a simple yet delicious dish! No cooking required!!!! haha.. Actually it's a upgraded version of the Topshell that Agus's bro make for him some years ago during his bday chalet.... Here's the Recipe!

Topshell Mix
• 1 can of Topshell
• 4 to 5 chilli padi
• 1 small onion
• 2 teaspoon of plum sauce
• 1/2 Green Lemon

1) Slices the topshells.
2) Cut the chilli padi and onion into small pcs.
3) Mix the cutted chilli padi, onions, plum sauce with the sliced topshells evenly.
4) Squeeze in the green lemon.

Enjoy!! :)... Best to eat it when chilled!
This simple side dish is best eaten with wines... Be it red or white wines... haha...

Monday SUPER blue

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I got a left double eyelid... a right single eyelid... o well... you know.. Infection on my right eyelid... hai.... Saded...

Latest Me!!!

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It had been almost 1 mth since my last blog... haha.. bz and duno wat to blog... oso... sian... but here's some of the updates are we went bintan.. we go watch movie "UP".. haha.. Bintan is fun! but i kinda lazy to upload photos..

o well.. nvm.. Here's some of the photo ba.. haha..

Here's some of the ramdom photos..
My Latest Sticker!

Mahjong again!
Stupid Twinkle again! haha..
Little Apple...
My new keyboard sticker tat bei bei buy for me! love it! although it's making my keys a bit too colourful.. wahahahaha.... too colourful is not my style... haha,.. but who care! as long as it's from bei bei can liao.. wahhahahaaa... hehe...

My iPhone Mahjong

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Been playing this game for a few months... n i'm not sian of it~~~~

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Last Friday, We went to watch movie+dinner @ Pasta de Waraku.. Food very nice and affordable! Both of us spent $35++ and by using OCBC credit card we got a $10 redemption voucher on our next visit!! haha... Eat till so full~! We watched 20th century boys... It's a crap show.. waste my $$ and time.. At the end of the show i still duno who is "Friend".. alamak!!! whatever la... haha.. luckly only $5 per ticket.. if it's $10, i will find a nice & clean wall n bang it.. haha...

While waiting for our Q... We kinda got nothing better to do.. so take photos... haha...

Big head Darlin..

heeeee... Darlin...

My Pasta de Waraku half half set meal $15.80++!!

My other photos for the month of June+July

Baby Jazz look alike... but it's not baby jazz... tat afternoon I took Jo ling car to drive out for lunch as I nv drive tat day... On the way back, we saw this car parked at the club.. then eliz ask me if tat's my car or not.. wahahhaa... I was shock at 1st.. then i go up to hav a close look, our baby jazz is dry CF.. this is juz matt black.. haha.. then i confirm not baby jazz... but on a second thought, y would i want to check the CF thingy when I juz need to check wat number plate... hai.. stupid me.. hahahaha...

This guy choose to park beside me..... We park at the same time.. We walk off at the same time.. It seems like we are friends but i duno him.. haha...

How come things are getting bigger and bigger... hmmm...

My cake tat gary gave me!! nice! but fattening... haha...

Meowwww... Meowwwww... huat arrrrrr!!!!!

Nothing better to do in the toilet...


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